How a Cycling Accident Proved the Catalyst for the Helmet Angel Product

Designed to enable cyclists to hear what’s going on in their surroundings more clearly by blocking out wind noise, the Helmet Angel is a wind-deflecting shell that attaches to the strap of the cyclist’s helmet. The product’s unique design will also help to combat the earache that many cyclists suffer during longer rides.

A keen cyclist himself, the idea for the Helmet Angel came to David, a flooring company owner, when he was forced from his bike during a ride back in 1992 when a truck came alongside him at close range.

“I didn’t even hear it coming!” David explained.

“I was cycling downhill on a stretch of country road when a truck which was trying to overtake me suddenly appeared at my shoulder. Because I hadn’t heard it coming, it spooked me and caused me to move over onto the gravel at the side of the road, at which point, I lost control of my front wheel and fell onto the bank side.

“The truck itself never actually touched me, but the fact that I did not hear it approaching until I caught sight of it right alongside me caused me to fall.

“At the time the incident happened, I was working at a carpet factory where you had to wear earplugs while on site due to the noise levels. I began adapting these earplugs to try to create something that would deflect wind noise while riding my bike. It wasn’t until I became a father to Hannah and Aidan, who live in Holland where helmets are not a priority, then later, my daughter Elia, that I decided to press on with the idea and create the Helmet Angel.

“My hope for the product is that it will bring more awareness to listening. Cyclists should always be aware of what is happening around them, but most especially behind them, so that they can react quickly and efficiently to road traffic, commands and warnings.”