Helmet Angel is now accepting bespoke design orders for quantities of over 50 units

Helmet Angel is thrilled to be able to produce bespoke Helmet Angel shells and decals for bulk orders.

For orders of 50 units or over, Helmet Angel shells can now be produced in any colour that a customer wishes. The company can also produce bespoke decal designs too, bearing any design that the customer wishes, such as company logos, school shields or club symbols.

“This service is ideal for those who would like to order a particular shell colour or decal style for a larger group – for example, pupils at a school, members of a cycling club or employees at a place of work,” says Helmet Angel inventor David Crampton. “It’s a great way of uniting a group and helping to promote a specific organisation’s endorsement of cycling safety to a larger group of people.”

To find out more and to enquire about ordering a specific design, please get in touch.