Have they been properly tested?

The Helmet Angel shells have been thoroughly tested by a Torso Simulator (HATS) with an anechoic chamber, pre professional foam glider and acoustic foam diffuser additions. Researchers found that the shells made a massive difference in enabling riders to hear sounds behind them:

“Sensitivity of the HATS system was compared from front to rear. The bare head was found to be most sensitive to sound sources in front of the head.  However, with the Helmet Angel product in place, the reverse was the case. The Helmet Angel product therefore changes the relative sensitivity of hearing front to rear which makes sound sources to the rear easier to detect.”

Many tests have also been conducted by professional cyclists out in the field. An example is the Coast-to-Coast Cycle Challenge:

“The Helmet Angel shells were absolutely great. We experienced a lot of high winds and driving rain during the ride, especially when cycling over higher ground, and the Helmet Angel shells really helped to protect our ears and aid our hearing. This was beneficial not only for hearing traffic, but also for communicating with the other riders.”

– Rob Gray, Team Leader