Who should wear them?

The Helmet Angel shells are designed for Cyclists of all ages and stages, everywhere! They clip onto adult helmets and child helmets very easily, and one size fits all.

Commuters and Road Cyclists: By wearing the shells on a daily commute, or on a weekend cycle into the hills, you will hear traffic noise much more easily. Our fluorescent yellow ‘Solar’ shells and luminous white ‘Aurora’ shells also help you to be seen more easily at dawn, dusk and at night.

Cycling Teams: Club members who are out cycling together will more easily hear commands from team-mates, and hear approaching competitors coming much more quickly! As well as keeping you safe on the road, the shells are also ideal for keeping your ears warm when racing at speed.

Parents/Family/Groups: Cycling together as a family can be tricky – it is hard to keep everyone together! The Helmet Angel shells will help the whole group hear better on the move, so that you can more easily share commands and warnings with each other more effectively, and talk to each other on the move.

Children: Helmet Angel shells fitted securely to a child’s existing safety helmet will enable them to hear more easily and be aware of everything around them when they are out riding on their own or with friends.